EJM Echo

New News

Hey all, been a while since I’ve connected on line.  Been very busy working on new music and other ‘musical’ ventures.  Looking forward to sharing the title track soon!!

Brief Bio

Born in Saskatchewan, my prairie roots have a deep influence on my musical style and approach to performing.  My father was a musician and inspired me at an early age.  I got my start playing bass in the church choir and by the time I was ten, I was hooked on music, performing, and the art of storytelling. 

Old country music greats like Buck Owens, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, and Kris Kristofferson were played in our humble family home relentlessly growing up.  I’m drawn to modern artists that have the same gifts as these legends and aspire to tell stories and share experiences through music the way they did.  Though I played music my whole life, it’s not until May of 2021 that I’ve been able to focus much of my time to this dream I’ve had since I was 10.  If I can inspire one person with my music, I will have reached my goal.

Lyrics in Life

'I've seen all there is to see, been more places than I've dreamed.  I learned that joy sits right here, and letting go of all that fear.' - Song:  Time With You, Eric John

'Love this land like it's your mother' - Song:  We're all the same, Eric John

'I'm so full of my own head I can't think straight' - Song:  In Due Time, Eric John

'I've watched the ceiling dance all night, as I carried the weight of the world on my mind' - Song:  The Normal Life, Eric John

'When will I be free from this mind, it's a place not even hopes and dreams can find' - Song:  Drowning, Eric John

'If I always win, someone's gotta lose.  Don't seem right, we ALL have the blues.' - Song:  Higher Ground, Eric John

'I want you to know that the people I can see take all they want and more than they need.' - Song:  Say Good-Bye, Eric John